“For many Canadians who are blind,
braille is an essential medium of literacy.”


As many of you know, the work of BLC is done by committees. Here is a list of our current committees and their responsibilities. New members are always welcome!
For more information please send an email to info@blc-lbc.ca.

Braille Formats

   Chair: Jen Goulden

  • Determines other guidelines that should be reviewed by BLC for use in Canada. Members of this committee must have a thorough knowledge of braille and must be familiar with issues specific to formatting.

Braille Promotion

   Chair: TBD

  • Proposes and implements activities to promote braille in Canada.
  • Plans teleconferences on various braille-related issues.


   Chair: Jen Goulden (ADHOC)

  • Drafts text for changes to BLC bylaws as appropriate. Previous experience with bylaw revisions is an asset.


   Chair: Kim Kilpatrick

  • Proposes options for increasing communication with BLC members and the general public.
  • Prepares and distributes the BLC newsletter.

French Braille Standards

   Chair: Maryse Glaude-Beaulieu

  • Proposes and implements research and/or other projects pertaining to French braille in Canada.


   Chair: TBD


   Chair: Natalie Martiniello

  • Collaborates with the BLC treasurer and the Corporate Secretary to manage membership data.
  • Ensures that email reminders are sent to those members who have not renewed their membership.
  • Proposes options for increasing membership. 


   Chair: Aimée Ubbink

  • Seeks candidates to fill vacant positions on the Board of Directors.
  • Presents the slate of nominations to BLC members at the Annual General Meeting.

Teaching and Learning

   Chairs: TBD

  • Conducts research related to braille instruction of children and adults.
  • Seeks funding sources to support this research. Committee members should be employed as an educator of visually impaired students or be studying in the field.

Transactional Documents

   Chair: Aimée Ubbink (ADHOC)

  • Completed the development of the Guidelines for the Production of Transactional Documents in 2016.
  • Current mandate is review new guidelines or additions to the documentation as applicable.

Web and Social Media

   Chair: Aimée Ubbink

  • Maintains our web site and social media
  • Updates content with current events, resources and other items of interest
  • Works with other committees to update content as appropriate