“Le braille est un système d'écriture et non une langue en soi.”

Jymico recherche actuellement des transcripteurs Braille

Nous recherchons actuellement des transcripteurs Braille expérimentés, des relecteurs d’épreuves et des designers de graphiques tactiles pour rejoindre notre équipe dévouée et passionnée. Pour avoir plus d’information concernant notre entreprise, rendez-vous sur notre site web au www.jymico.com. Si vous éprouvez un intérêt, s’il vous plait, remplir le formulaire au bas de la page : http://jymico.com/about-us/team/.

University of Montreal's "Visual Impairment & Rehabilitation" Program (in English) now accepting applications

We are pleased to announce a new option in the Master of Science program. This option, offered in English by the School of Optometry at the University of Montreal, is called Visual Impairment & Rehabilitation. This program produces professionals who provide rehabilitation services to people of all ages who are blind or who have low vision. There are three concentrations (or tracks) in the program, enabling one to specialize in Low Vision, Orientation & Mobility, or Vision Rehabilitation Therapy.

The first English cohort will begin the program in September, 2016. Given the very recent approval of the program, the University of Montreal is willing to work with potential candidates to accelerate the admission process.

For more information, read the full program brochure as a PDF or accessible Microsoft Word document.

Braille in Fashion Capstone Research Study (February 2016) 

Alexa Jovanovic, a fourth year Fashion Communication student at Ryerson University, is researching the integration of braille and fashion apparel. Currently, she is in search for blind and sighted individuals to participate in a series of interviews. Prior exposure to Braille is not required, but the ability to read braille is highly valued. Although the study will focus on womenswear, both men and women are encouraged to participate. The results from this study will be applied towards the creation of fashion garments that communicate clothing characteristics in braille through beadwork and braille buttons. This end product will be designed for both blind and sighted consumers to use.

For further information or to express interest in participating please contact Alexa Jovanovic at alexa.jovanovic@ryerson.ca. You can also download a copy of the research consent form which explains the details of the project and how you might participate.

Braille Excellence Award

Darleen Bogart reçoit le prestigieux Braille Excellence Award de la Braille Authority of North America

Crawford Technologies est la première entreprise à appuyer la bourse d’études Edie-Mourre de Littératie Braille Canada

Le don de CrawfordTech garantit que la bourse d’études Edie-Mourre continue d’être attribuée à des personnes désireuses de devenir des spécialistes du braille – Communiqué de presse

Forum sur la transition à l’UEB

Le Forum de la BANA sur la transition à l’UEB réunit des chefs de file en matière de braille.

L’Autorité canadienne du braille change son nom

Le 30 novembre 2012, l’Autorité canadienne du braille est officiellement devenue Littératie Braille