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useful tools, but they can't replace the
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World Braille Day Rocket Contest Winner 

Thank you so much for participating in the first World Braille Day rocket competition! We had great entries and it has been a very difficult task to choose a winner since we consider all entries to be clever and creative. But, as in all competitions, there has to be a winner and so…we are happy to announce that the winner of the World Braille Rocket Competition 2016 is:

Landon Willison who is a primary student at WRMS. Landon’s rocket was made of gold and white striped paper and he had a pointed cone on the top with his name brailled on it. Landon used this opportunity to highlight Unified English Braille and pasted some mathematics equations on the outside of his rocket. Landon’s rocket seemed ready to blast off and spread the word about braille to the world! Landon highlighted World Braille through an announcement to his school. Congratulations Landon.

Landon with his rocket 

Honorable Mention:

We consider all of the students who entered this contest winners! Not only were their entries well-thought-out, they all won the hearts of the judges, so they are truly winners of the heart! Below are our Honorable Mention Winners:

Alesia Reis. Alesia’s teacher sent us a photograph of a happy student holding a gold and white rocket made from a paper tube. This rocket had UEB math equations on the outside and a nice pointy cone on the top to break through the clouds and atmosphere! Great work, Alesia!

Alesia with her rocket 

Colyn. Colyn is an elementary student. He named his rocket “Mack Braille” and says he took it to the moon! Colyn’s is a small shiny blue rocket with shredded tissue paper for the exhaust. We thought Colyn’s rocket looked solid and well-made!

Colyn with his rocket 

George. George’s rocket has the words “I love Braille” on it. This elementary student made us smile with his shiny silver rocket with shredded blue exhaust. George, we love that you love braille!

George and his rocket 

Haley. The name of this rocket is “Haley’s World Braille rocket” and it is a very colourful, shiny rocket with the words “I love Braille” on it. We think that Haley’s rocket would bring a lot of attention to braille because it is so fun to look at and we think it would be fun to touch!

Hayley with her rocket

Sura. Sura has named her rocket “Braille is awesome” and she wrote the words “Braille is cool” on the side of her blue, silver and copper rocket. We agree with Sura and think she is pretty awesome, too!

Sura and her rocket