Faites un don

With your support, Braille Literacy Canada continues to work toward ensuring that all Canadians who are blind or visually impaired and who could benefit from the use of braille have access to training, reading materials, braille-writing tools, and a network of peers with whom they can share their enthusiasm for braille.

Braille is essential for children, who are learning early literacy skills such as spelling, punctuation, and sentence structures. It is incredibly useful for accessing mathematical and scientific information. It can be used to read musical scores. And of course, there is nothing quite like curling up in a chair and reading an old-fashioned braille book.

Thanks to people like you, we continue to help Canadians across the country begin and continue their unique braille journeys!

Braille Literacy Canada is a registered charity (CRA #889010799-RR001) and all donations to BLC (of $10 or more) are eligible for a tax-deductible receipt.

Your donation is an investment in future literacy for somsone who is blind or visually impaired.

The number of people with blindness and low vision will more than double in the next 30 years. Help us keep reading a part of everyday life for those who need it!

Other ways to donate

If you would like to make a donation but cannot do it online, you can also:

  • Donate over the telephone using your VISA or MasterCard. Simply contact us and let us know you're interested, and we'll get in touch with you to make it happen!
  • Send a cheque or money order, payable to "Braille Literacy Canada", to:
    Braille Literacy Canada
    1929 Bayview Avenue
    Toronto, ON  M4G 3E8