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janvier 9, 2016 Workshop: Braille in the 21st Century

Date : samedi, janvier 9, 2016

Heure : 1:00 PM (EST)

Are you currently learning, or thinking about learning braille? Are you an avid braille reader, or perhaps you use braille for specific tasks such as labeling household items? This workshop, offered by Braille Literacy Canada, is for you! Listen to a panel of braille users discuss different themes related to "Braille in the 21st Century", and learn what is new and exciting in the world of braille.

When: Saturday, January 9th, 2016 at 10 AM (Pacific), 1 PM (Eastern). The workshop will run for one hour.
Who: Both braille users and those learning braille
Where: By telephone. To register, write to before January 4th, 2016, and we will send you the information to join us.

This workshop will be moderated by Betty Nobel, Past President and current board member of Braille Literacy Canada. Speakers will cover the following topics.

"A Toolbox of Solutions: Braille and Low Vision" (Jennifer Jesso)

Do you have low vision and are wondering how braille can complement print, what braille might offer to someone with low vision, and how to use braille alongside magnification and other tools? Jennifer Jesso, a braille user with low vision who also uses magnification and a screen reader, will be discussing how braille fits into her toolbox of solutions and her experience as a braille user with low vision.

"What Braille Means to Me: Ideas for Braille in Daily Living" (Marilyn Rushton)

Listen to one longtime braille user (and teacher of students with visual impairments) talk about the role braille continues to play in her life, and why she says it is not obsolete, even in an ever-increasing technological world. As a user and educator, Marilyn will draw on her own experiences to provide tips and examples of how you can use braille in your daily life. Whether you are an avid reader of books, simply require a way to identify household items, or are thinking about learning braille, you'll love the experiences and resources she has to share!

"Where We've Been and Where We Are: Evolution of Braille Technologies" (Diana Brent)

The ways in which we access and interact with braille have, in some cases, drastically changed over the past few decades alone: from a time when the slate and stylus and Perkins brailler were the only tools available to those who use braille, to the present when technologies can provide instant access to braille on both your computer and mobile devices. Diana, a braille user and technology expert, will draw on her own experience to discuss how braille and technology can work together, and will give us a tour of braille technologies over the years. Join Diana to hear all about it!

"Looking Ahead: Future Innovations in Braille Technology” (Natalie Martiniello)

The future for those who read braille is limitless. In the past two years alone, numerous new technologies currently in development or at the prototype stage are gaining greater attention, and will revolutionize the ways in which we access braille. From smart braille watches to affordable multiline braille displays - you won't believe what is coming in the future of braille! Join Natalie as she discusses all the new and exciting tools that you will want to keep a finger on in the world of braille! Both a braille user and educator, Natalie will discuss how such new technologies can enhance both the ways in which we learn and use braille.