About Braille Literacy Canada

Kim Kilpatrick - Secretary

Photograph - Kim Kilpatrick
Representing Canadian Council of the Blind. Joined the board in 2016, and became Secretary in 2018

My name is Kim Kilpatrick. I have been totally blind since birth and a braille reader and writer since age 6. I am forever passionate about braille and have used a Perkins brailler, Slate and stylus, Electronic braille displays and notetakers. I am so excited about the future of braille and want to use braille whenever I can. I studied music therapy and worked for many years in long-term and palliative care settings. then I studied volunteer resource management and worked as a volunteer coordinator. I also became a professional storyteller and I established and continue to coordinate the GTT (Get Together with Technology) program that allows peer mentoring as people who are blind or have low vision train and support each other in learning and using technology. I am proud of this program, which is now spreading to many locations. I have served on many boards and committees and have done a lot of volunteer work. I travel through life with my fourth guide dog (black lab Tulia) and I am so excited about being on the board of BLC.

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