About Braille Literacy Canada


The day-to-day activities of Braille Literacy Canada are primarily conducted through the work of members who sit on our various committees. Working primarily through e-mail, teleconference and other online platforms, our dedicated volunteers from across the country bring their talents together to advance BLC's mission and objectives.

Below is a list of our current committees and working groups. New members are always welcome, whether you have experience or not. Please contact us if you would like more information about or to join any of these committees.

Braille Formats

  • Reviews and considers international guidelines (and their revisions) for their potential use in Canada.

Braille Promotions

  • Proposes and implements activities to promote braille in Canada
  • Plans and delivers workshops for braille readers, educators, rehab professionals, and others on various braille-related issues

Bylaws and Governance

  • Responds to queries and makes recommendations to the Board on issues related to corporate governance and bylaw interpretation
  • Responsible for developing and updating policies as required from time to time by the Board
  • Drafts text for changes to BLC bylaws as required


  • Proposes options for increasing communication with BLC members and the general public
  • Prepares and distributes the BLC newsletter

French Braille

  • Addresses issues relating to the provision of braille in French in Canada


  • Coordinates organizational fundraising, fund development, and donor relations activities
  • Proposes and applies for grants and research funding as appropriate


  • Collaborates with the BLC treasurer and the Corporate Secretary to manage membership data
  • Ensures that email reminders are sent to those members who have not renewed their membership
  • Proposes options for maintaining and increasing membership


  • Seeks candidates to fill vacant positions on the Board of Directors
  • Presents the slate of nominations to BLC members at the Annual General Meeting

Social Media

  • Managing, monitoring, and posting information to our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)

Teaching and Learning

  • Conducts research related to braille instruction of children and adults, and in conjunction with Grants, seeks funding sources to support this research
  • Publishes informational and educational information relevant to educators of visually impaired students


  • Developing and updating information to be posted to the BLC web site

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