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janvier 14, 2017 Workshop: Learn about Professions in the Field of Visual Impairment and Braille

Date : samedi, janvier 14, 2017

Heure : 1:00 PM (EST)

Are you exhilarated when someone finally masters a skill you've been teaching them? Are you creative, curious, and able to think "outside of the box" to solve the world's more unusual problems? Do you like meeting and working with a wide variety of new people every day? Have you ever wondered what "braille" is or how those little dots work? Do you have a background in education, rehabilitation or the social sciences and are wondering what the next step in your career path should be? If so, then you might be interested to learn about the little known but highly rewarding career options available in the field of blindness and visual impairment. Exciting and in-demand opportunities exist for teachers and rehabilitation therapists who work with blind and partially sighted children, adults and seniors, as well as in braille and alternative format transcription, production, and proofreading.

Braille Literacy Canada is pleased to announce that our next teleconference will consist of a panel of speakers who will provide information about professions within the field of visual impairment and blindness, including:

· Dr. Cay Holbrook from the University of British Columbia will describe the Master's program in Special Education, Teaching Students with Visual Impairments · Darleen Bogart from CNIB will describe CNIB certification courses to become a braille transcriber or proofreader · Representatives from the University of Montreal will describe the Master's program in Vision Rehabilitation Therapy

Though diverse in scope, all three career paths share a common interest and theme in that they relate to visual impairment and braille. The speakers will describe program requirements and what careers in these respective fields involve. There will be time for questions at the end of the presentations.