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novembre 27, 2017 Workshop: UEB Technical Material: From Counting to Calculus

Date : lundi, novembre 27, 2017

Heure : 1:00 PM (EST)


  • Audio recording available
  • Additional resource documents are available

UEB Guidelines for Technical Material really can handle everything in Math, Science and Computer Notation. This discussion of additional examples will introduce some of the technical symbols and will clarify the use of grade 1 indicators and braille grouping indicators. Some examples will be taken from senior level curriculum.

Who can participate? This workshop will be of interest to transcribers and teachers of students with visual impairments, as well as advanced braille readers pursuing courses in math and science! (Participants must have a good working knowledge of the rules of UEB but familiarity with Technical Material is not necessary.)

The workshop, presented by Lorraine Banks, will be moderated by Kim Kilpatrick, member of the BLC Board of Directors.

Lorraine Banks

After a career as a math teacher, Lorraine became a volunteer braille transcriber and instructor for CNIB, a community-based support for Canadians who are blind or visually impaired.

She was part of a team who developed a self-directed course on UEB Technical for Canadian transcribers. The training they developed has been instrumental in training vision professionals across Canada. Over the years, Lorraine has presented at many trainings and workshops for teachers and community organizations, including the annual Braille conference for CNIB.

Lorraine has a rare combination of needed math content knowledge, and a practical and experiential knowledge of UEB.