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September 15, 2018 Workshop: The Copyright Act Demystified for Production of Alternative Format Materials

Consumers, parents, teachers, students, disability services offices, and alternative format material producers are often uncertain about the copyright implications of producing alternative format materials (including braille). In this session, Anthony Tibbs, a lawyer (as well as member of the BLC board), will address many of the commonly asked questions surrounding what your rights are and what is permitted, and discuss the practical implications for braille and alternative format production in schools, academic institutions and other Canadian contexts.

Objectives of this workshop

  • Learn about the scope of the “perceptual disability” exemptions in the Copyright Act
  • Gain an understanding of your rights (as a reader, parent, support person, producer, publisher, etc.)
  • Learn about the policy and procedural issues, beyond the Copyright Act itself, which must also be considered when attempting to make inaccessible content accessible
  • Have an opportunity to discuss and share relevant experiences that we can learn from and which can help to inform best practice

NOTE: A PowerPoint deck is available to accompany the audio recording for this workshop.